At Air Wave & Company


At Air Wave & Company we pride ourselves in our ability to provide a vast range of services to our clients when it comes to all your heating and cooling needs. Our services include the following:

  • Air Conditioning Installation & Maintenance
  • Ducted Air Conditioning Installation & Maintenance
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Temperature Control
  • Air Conditioning Repair


Air Wave & Company specialise in air conditioning installation and maintenance in Quackers Hill and surrounding suburbs of NSW including Kings Park and Marayong. We understand the importance of having a heating and cooling system especially in the varying Australian weather. Keep yourself and your family happy all year round with Air Wave & Company.

From the first stage to the last we will be there to assisst. Our team of professionals not only install the new air conditioning system but they will provide advice and important information on how to use your new device as well as care for it over the coming years. Our team provides maintenance check ups on your device if an issue arises or you simply do not have time to clean the system yourself. Give Air Wave & Comapany a call today on 0404 208 454


The team at Air Wave & Company understand what suits a certain house or office in terms of heating and cooling which is why we specialise in ducted air conditioning to keep every room in your house or office space heated or cooled for you. Ducted air conditioning is different from regular air conditioning as air is sent from one main location throughg ducts strategically placed through out the ceiling into all the bedrooms of the house therefore making every room the same temperature. It is also customisable and certain rooms can be off or on from the main system control.

Ducted air conditioning is a more discreet way to have air conditioning in your home without being able to see it. It sits nicely tucked away in your walls and ceilings and is generally better at maintaining a nice regular temperature throughout the entire house or offices.